J.J. Richards & Sons takes over Cairns Regional Council kerbside

J.J. Richards & Sons has commenced its nine-year residential kerbside waste and recycling collection contract with Cairns Regional Council, servicing 71,000 properties in the region.

J.J. Richards & Sons has invested in 20 new waste recovery trucks, which are helping to spread the message to reduce, re-use and recycle. The trucks also note to contact if anyone observes illegal dumping.

New routes and red-lid household waste bins are also features of the new contract.

“This is the first major shake-up of our waste collection for many years and we expect it to bring some positive changes,” Mayor Bob Manning said.

“The new trucks are bigger and more efficient, and every route has been reviewed to make sure they’re providing the best service to residents.”

In 2016-17, almost 60,000 tonnes of domestic waste and recycling were collected from kerbside bins.

“If your green-lid bin needs replacing, you’ll come home to a red-lid one instead. It will serve exactly the same purpose and both coloured bins will receive the same service.”

Recycling bins will continue to have a yellow lid.