Arcadis to gain global license for PFAS treatment technology

Design and consultancy organisation Arcadis has signed a heads of agreement with EVOCRA, and entered into an exclusive commercial negotiation period for sole rights to EVOCRA PFAS solutions technology.

PFAS stands for per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances, which are manufactured chemicals used in products that resist heat, oil, stains and water.

According to an Arcadis statement, an understanding of PFAS toxicity, environmental persistence and aquifer mobility has developed in recent years.

Arcadis Australia Pacific CEO Malcolm McDowall said Evocra, an Australian-based water treatment company, have developed a patented technology that uses ozone fractionation to separate and concentrate PFAS from impacted media.

“Evocra and their treatment process provides our clients with an innovative solution to cost-effectively remove a complex contaminant from their assets and improve our environment,” Mr McDowall said.

“Their process has been demonstrated at a commercial scale as having the ability to remove PFAS and deliver an output that meets the most stringent discharge requirements set by regulators and other relevant authorities.”

Mr McDowall said the ozone fractionation used by Evocra has benefits over other separation and/or adsorption technologies, especially for liquids that have high concentrations of PFAS, and for complex waste streams with multiple contaminants.

“When the Evocra technology is coupled with either Arcadis developed or other commercially available destructive technologies, we will have the ability to offer our clients a zero-waste outcome,” Mr McDowall said.

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