Baled to perfection: Material Recovery Solutions

Material Recovery Solutions explains its unique value proposition as it becomes the exclusive agent for Godswill balers in Australia and New Zealand.

International original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Godswill Paper Machinery Company is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of balers.

With nearly 200 balers in operation in Australia and New Zealand, Godswill holds a substantial market share, with many operating in high-volume applications.

Since 1987, Godswill Paper machinery has proven to be an international player with exclusive agents committed to providing front line service and support globally.

To offer the reliable equipment locally, Material Recovery Solutions (MRS) recently became the exclusive agent for Godswill balers in Australia and New Zealand. Its range includes, but is not limited to – channel, two ram, closed door and custom build balers.

Flagship models comprise the GB-1111FX channel baler and the GB-1175TR two ram baler.

Marcus Corrigan, Managing Director of MRS, says the new agreeement is not a decision Godswill made lightly.

“We believe in putting after-sales support first and supporting our customers. Their confidence in us results in new orders,” Marcus says.

MRS technicians are armed with a suite of OEM spare parts to support Godswill products along with a full-serviced in-house machine shop, allowing items to be manufactured quickly.

Simon Davidson, Project Engineer at MRS, says the company aims to offer unrivalled support to the marketplace.

“It’s very significant to be able to offer quality components to a high tolerance,” Simon says.

“OEM parts are trialled and tested over many years to ensure longevity and reduce damage to other aspects of the machinery caused by faulty parts.”

Godswill balers are designed to provide export bale weights at high throughputs across a range of material types.

Channel balers support fibrous materials such as paper, cardboard and various waste streams.

The two ram balers, designed to bale high memory materials such as plastic bottles and LDPE film, can also bale an array of other materials. Custom builds are also available for niche applications.

Simon says the Godswill range was designed with usability and ease of maintenance in mind.

“Touchscreen human machine interface (HMI) combined with a push button system offers ease of use.”

Simon adds that customisable material settings with selective switchovers support effortless material changeovers.

“HMI provides intuitive diagnostics. Combined with our 24/7 service and support, we are able to ensure liability and year-long operations.”

“Our direct communication and close relationship with Godswill as a supplier enables us to get a quick response on all issues backed up by our technical knowledge and industry experience.”

“Through default, all Godswill balers have innovative safety functions with dual redundancy systems to operate in the safest possible manner.”

Marcus says the company currently manufacture systems to service the baling, processing, recovery and product destruction industries.

“We are expanding our scope within the industry by providing solutions in the collection sector, currently manufacturing a number of automated document collection vehicles.”

Marcus’ 20 years of experience in the material processing industry, including 15 in the material recovery industry, ensures he can serve customers with an advanced level of industry knowledge.

“While MRS is a young company, the ever-expanding team of engineers, technicians and manufacturers offer a wealth of knowledge adding to our overall diversity. I am proud of our achievements and excited about the future,” Marcus says.

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