The hydraulic compaction model: Hyva Equipment

HSR Southern Cross details the long-time sustainability benefits of high spec compaction and energy efficiency, with help from Hyva Equipment.

The manufacturing sector is under renewed pressure to produce sustainably, with resource efficiency, energy consumption and the environmental cost of packaging taking centre stage in current climate and waste management discussions.

Hyva, an internationally transport solutions company, is taking this pressure seriously, having committed to playing an active role in the responsible minimisation of its operational environmental impacts.

To achieve this, Hyva has implemented lean and sophisticated production methods that not only offer substantial sustainability benefits via resource efficiency, but present cost and quality advantages as well.

In addition to streamlining production processes, Hyva has introduced waste registration systems, and works to actively promote the use of returnable and reusable packaging by their main original equipment manufacturer customers. One such customer is HSR Southern Cross, which has been operating as Hyva’s master waste product distributor for more than six years.

According to Martyn Cross, HSR Southern Cross Managing Director, Hyva’s commitment to sustainable practices is one of many reasons his company continues its relationship with the globally recognised brand.

“Founded over 40 years ago, Hyva is one of the leading international providers of innovative and efficient transport solutions for the waste and environmental management sector,” Martyn says.

“With 25,000 customers and over 40 per cent of the global hydraulic solutions market, the company operates in more than 130 countries. This means they can continue to innovative and provide solutions, such as the strongest front-end hydraulic telescope cylinder in the world, which was developed recently.”

Providing compaction solutions for a range of multinational waste companies, HSR Southern Cross operates primarily as a fabrication and engineering company, with a specialisation in hydraulics and auto electrical.

Servicing Veolia, Remondis, SUEZ and JJ Richards, Martyn says HSR’s relationship with Hyva allows them to provide products that facilitate higher payloads, longer lifespans and efficient and faster collections.

“Before working with Hyva, we identified a gap in the Australian market, whereby operators wanted to look at other models, due to a level of dissatisfaction with readily available compaction technology,” Martyn says.

“Hyva products are of a higher end spec and having been used extensively throughout Europe and the America’s, have demonstrated benefits for the waste and resource recovery industry.”

While HSR covers all of Hyva’s mounted truck equipment range, from cranes, hook loaders, skip loaders and hydraulics, Martyn highlights its new range of R-Line compactors as a particularly significant development for the Australian waste market.

“The new R-Line range comprises three models, each with different capacity ranges: from 6 to 24 cubic metre capacities,” Martyn says.

Constructed from high tensile and wearable steel in abrasive exposed areas, the units are extremely durable, he adds, facilitating a long operating life and associated return on investment.

“The range provides high collection efficiency via small diameter cylinders, which deliver faster operations and double pump for simultaneous operations of packer and bin lifter, while continuing to reduce vehicle tare weights. Higher payloads are also achieved through high compaction force and lightweight body design.”

The environmental credentials of the compactors are strong too, Martyn says, with complete rubber seals in the tailgate area, and sewage collection and drainage at the base of the container and tailgate.

“As an option, an electronically driven, plasticised canvas shuffle-plate can be added to the door to close off the loading area. This allows loading to be done manually by hydraulic bin lift or by skip lifters,” Martyn says.

Another benefit of HSR’s Hyva range, Martyn says, is that the engineering department at HSR integrates a Danfoss Plus 1 Intelligent Control System as a standard inclusion to the entire R-line compactor range.

“With the inclusion of the Danfoss Intelligent Control System come the benefits of reduced complexity of operations to service, maintenance and diagnostics and reduce energy consumption,” Martyn says.

“Using the Danfoss Intelligent Control System, the compactor knows how much pressure it is using and can ramp up or down depending on specific material needs.”

According to Martyn, HSR does not build to order, but to stock, meaning they maintain a range of Hyva R-Line Compactors and parts that can be customised to suit individual customer needs.

“With that in mind, we cover the whole range of truck mounted wheel loaders and compactors from six cubic metres all the way up to 24,” he says.

Martyn says all Hyva units are elaborately transformed HSR in Australia, which is helping to ensure future generations of Australian manufacturers benefit from their investment in local highly skilled labour in the Australian work force.

“We bring a super structure over, which we then use skilled Australian labour to transform and install hydraulics and electrics,” Martyn says.

“So, we always have a very high Australian manufacturing content in our machines.”

While Hyva waste products are distributed in Australia only by HRS HSR Southern Cross, Martyn says HSR’s nationwide dealership network means customers never have to wait for parts or servicing.

“We provide extensive after sales support, with dealerships in every state and territory other than the Northern Territory. Where our teams in QLD and WA are more than equipped to service that market,” he says

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