On-site aerobic digestion with ORCA

Disposing food waste at the source prevents on-site decomposition, reducing odour and the presence of pests like flies, rodents and cockroaches. This is the idea behind the ORCA, which mimics the natural digestion process using microorganisms to transform food waste into an environmentally safe liquid.

iugis, an internationally managed service technology company, introduced the technology to the Australian market over two years ago, after six-years of operations in Canada and the United States.

The ORCA aerobic digestion process uses natural microbes, which are automatically sprayed into the unit, oxygen and naturally occurring heat to digest food waste down to a liquid. Once the material reaches liquid form, the ORCA passes it through an in-built filter and discharges it from the unit.

Additionally, the metabolisation and digestion rate is accelerated by continuous feeding, meaning operators don’t have to wait until the end of a cycle and material can be fed into the machine 24 hours a day.

Unlike traditional dehydration systems, the ORCA uses minimal energy, needing just single-phase power to operate. The ORCA is available in four sizes ranging from seven to 45-kilogram processing capacity per hour.

In addition to landfill diversion and reduced energy use, the ORCA allows businesses to diminish emissions through a reduced reliance on kerbside waste collections.