Does Victoria need four bins?

With much discussion on a four-bin system in Victoria, the key questions are: how will it work? and what will it achieve? writes Jenni Downes, Research Fellow at BehaviourWorks.

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National waste reset

Waste Management Review speaks to various stakeholders involved in the consultation process of the upcoming relaunch of the National Waste Policy. Read more

Treading the circular path

The new National Waste Policy acknowledges the importance of a circular economy, but is largely a missed opportunity, writes Jenni Downes, Senior Research Consultant at the University of Technology Sydney’s Institute of Sustainable Futures. Read more

Why it’s so hard to get recycling right?

Old patterns of behavioural change and a lack of consistent guidelines could be behind household recycling rates stagnating, writes Jenni Downes, Research Consultant at the Institute for Sustainable Futures. Read more