Tasmania landfill levy

Tasmania prepares for landfill levy

Grants of up to $100,000 have been allocated to councils and businesses to help them prepare for Tasmania’s landfill levy which starts on 1 July 2022. Read more

Henderson Waste Recovery Park

$22.5m redevelopment of Henderson Waste Recovery Park

The City of Cockburn will transform Henderson Waste Recovery Park into a Resource Recovery Precinct as part of a sustainable long-term waste management strategy that will extend the site’s useful life from five to 40 years. Read more


QRT expands in Brisbane

Queensland Recycling Technologies (QRT) is set to transform the waste recycling and recovery sector within the state.

Read more

ACOR paper outlines recycling market policy incentives

An independent policy discussion paper has recommended a better targeting of annual waste levies and a new Plastic Reduction Offset Scheme, to improve Australia’s chance of meeting ambitious national recycling targets.

Read more

tasmania waste and resource recovery

NWRIC calls for levy relief to support waste sector

The National Waste & Recycling Industry Council (NWRIC) is calling on state governments to provide waste and landfill levy relief to the sector.

According to NWRIC CEO Rose Read, levy relief is an obvious and necessary measure that can be implemented quickly.

“Specifically, we are asking state governments to waiver landfill levy doubtful debts, put on hold all planned levy increases for at least six months and where appropriate consider waiving current waste and landfill levies for the next three months,” she said.

“We are also asking state and local governments to be more flexible on certain facility license conditions so that social distancing to protect staff can be maintained, and collection time curfews be lifted so that bins can continue to be collected.”

Ms Read said waste and recycling companies are doing everything possible to ensure bins continue to be collected and waste and recycling safely processed during these extreme times.

“With the shutdown of some non-essential services over the next 24 hours Australia-wide, the waste and recycling industry will increase efforts to ensure it can maintain an essential service to the community,” she said.

According to Ms Read, NWRIC members and state affiliates have been actively adopting measures over the past few weeks to protect their staff and maintain services to local communities, businesses and the health sector.

Ms Read recognised that like all businesses, the waste and recycling sector was experiencing disruption.

“The NWRIC acknowledges the substantial support the Commonwealth and State governments have announced so far for businesses,” she said.

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