Lincom’s Kiverco Compact Plant range

Kiverco’s Compact Plant range, distributed exclusively in Australia and New Zealand by Lincom Group, is a mobile recycling plant with all the benefits of high-performance stationary operations.

Designed and built by the same team that has successfully manufactured and installed over 250 static plants since Kiverco began over 25 years ago, the initial range includes feeder trommels, picking stations and density separators.

The Compact Feeder Trommel (FT620) combines fast, simple and safe onsite set-up capability with the proven design and build quality of Kiverco’s successful static plants, providing long lifespans, high performance and rugged reliability.

The two-(PS122) and three-bay (PS123) Compact picking stations with set-up simplicity, operator comfort, safety and environmental protection, combine air separation, magnetic separation and manual sorting – all in one compact unit.

The DS150 density separator works to efficiently separate material into heavy and light fractions via the latest in air separation technology.

All components come with various options and configurations, offering the customer maximum flexibility to obtain a bespoke solution for their waste handling needs.

All models in the Kiverco Compact range can be used alongside other mobile equipment or combined to form a complete recycling system.

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Lincom Group’s horizontal grinding

Designed for land clearing plus wood and green waste recycling, the Morbark 3400XT is an aggressive horizontal grinder with the added value of operator-friendly features.

The 3400XT Wood Hog features a pin and plate hammermill with 813 millimetre (32 inch) tip swing and a variable-speed infeed system consisting of one 863 millimetre (34 inch) diametre top compression roll (Yoke) with directly-driven planetary drive and four strands of WDH 120 Chain in a staggered configuration.

The grates/screens are accessed from the rear of the grinding chamber and as they are free floating in their own track and have no fasteners on the inside of the chamber, are easily changed when required. The 3400XT can accommodate engines from 520 to 800 horsepower and is also available with electric drive. The Morbark Integrated Control System (MICS) monitors engine and system pressures as well as feed wheel position and automatically adjusts feed rates to maximise production and engine efficiency. Material discharge is by means of a dual conveyor system.

According to Morbark distributor Lincom Group, a significant feature of the 3400XT is it can be manufactured as narrow as 2.53 metres and, depending on chosen options, weighs approximately 32,000 kilograms making the grinder a versatile machine with transport flexibility. Exclusive to Morbark, the model has a flexible and easily adjustable torque limiter which, in the event of something un-grindable entering the mill, will help protect the driveline and hammermill from damage. Additionally, the grinder features sloped infeed sides, providing operators with improved visibility and loading efficiency.

Morbark 40/36 Whole Tree MicroChipper

The Morbark 40/36 Whole Tree MicroChipper is a compact, affordable and productive drum chipper designed with the biomass industry in mind. Equipped with the same internal drive perfected on Morbark’s horizontal grinders, along with an extra- wide feed opening, the 40/36 model is meant to “aggressively” feed brushy tops and limbs, quickly and effortlessly lling a chip van to maximum legal load capacity.

At the heart of the MicroChipper is Morbark’s 16-knife Advantage 3 Drum, which is meant to decrease downtime while providing higher-quality, more uniform Micro-Chips. The 16-knife Advantage 3 Drum can also be quickly and easily converted to an eight-knife unit to produce a standard chip.

The feed system, meanwhile, is more ef cient due to a staggered knife con guration and contains fewer moving parts, thus reducing maintenance. In unison with the Morbark Integrated Control Systems (MICS), it automatically adjusts feed rates and monitors pressures and feed wheel position to maximize production and engine ef ciency.

The directional flow discharge chute is hydraulically adjustable by remote control for maximum chip loads. “The Morbark 40/36 Whole Tree MicroChipper is available as either a Wheeled or Tracked unit,” Morbark distributor, Lincom Group, explains, adding that “due to the versatility of the 16 Knife Advantage 3 Drum, and economy, due to low fuel consumption per tonne produced, the Morbark 40/36 MicroChipper is an ideal unit for any forward-thinking business within the Biomass Industry”.

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