Paintback appoints new Chair of the Board

Product stewardship scheme Paintback has appointed Lucia Cade to lead collaboration for a sustainable paint industry.

On joining Paintback’s board, Ms Cade said the unique industry-led business model creates a responsible life cycle for products, and value from previously discarded material.

Since beginning in 2016, Paintback has collected more than 13,000 tonnes of paint and packaging from consumers and trade.

“Paintback provides great environmental stewardship to match great customer service. This is the future of industry accountability to manage the world’s precious resources,” Ms Cade said.

“An inspiring level of collaboration between business is needed to achieve this.”

According to a Paintback statement, Ms Cade presides over a number of boards as a non-executive director, and holds advisory roles in global listed companies and government organisations including South East Water, Carbon Revolution, Engineers Australia, Regional Investment Corporation and Future Fuels Co-operative Research Centre.

“Bringing more than 20 years experience in commercial engineering to Paintback, Ms Cade has driven innovation and government and regulatory stakeholder engagement across industries including water, waste, energy and infrastructure,” the statement reads.

Ms Cade will lead the board of business leaders, working with Dulux Group Chief Operating Officer Patrick Jones, Consumer Brands Asia Region President Richard Meagher, Paintback CEO Karen Gomez and others.

“Successful business leaders today are conductors of an orchestra, where excellence in every single instrument is what creates beautiful music,” Ms Cade said.

“Modern leaders normalise differences in the world. You want people who are excellent at what they do.”

As an independent not-for-profit organisation, Paintback is funded through a 15 cent plus GST levy on eligible paint products sold, approved by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

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