National Symposium of Recycled Organics

The Queensland State Government and Griffith University’s Environmental Biogeochemistry Research Lab (EBRL) have co-hosted the 2nd National Symposium on Recycled Organics.

The event, chaired by EBRL Research Project Manager Dr Maryam Esfandbod, saw over 100 attendees from industry, government, consultancies and academia including representatives from Sustainability Victoria, AORA and the Victorian EPA.

Griffith University Cooperative Research Centre for Soil Project Leader Professor Chengrong Chen introduced the Applied Network for Recycled Organics and Waste Management (ANROWM).

Professor Chen said ANROWM would enhance organics recycling research, application and training by bringing government, industry, end-users, researchers and other relevant stakeholders together to bridge the gap between advanced research and industry.

“It will also increase public awareness through workshops, symposiums and newsletters, which maximise the research outcomes and industry impacts – contributing to greater social and economic benefits for farmers and environmental quality,” Professor Chen said.

NSW Primary Industries Department Senior Principal Research Scientist and Cooperative Research Centre for Soil Program Leader Prof Lukas Van Zwieten presented on the use of recycled

organics in modern agriculture.

Prof Van Zwieten’s presentation focused on the findings of long term organics studies and emphasised the need for better testing to predict mineralisation rates of organic amendments in soil and stocks.

An award was presented for the best presentation based on novelty, applicability for industry and supporting improvement of policy to Griffith University Mr Mohammad Bahadori for his presentation, tracing the source of sediment and particulate nitrogen from the Johnstone catchment.

Papers from the symposium are now online.

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