TOMRA and CEMAC technologies partner

Sophisticated sensor technologies are helping Australian material recovery facilities improve their sorting capacities beyond what is possible with manual sorting. 

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CDS contract renegotiations: Mike Ritchie

Mike Ritchie, Director of MRA Consulting Group, explains the alternative revenue stream created through the Container Deposit Scheme in NSW and offers advice on how to handle contract renegotiations.

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Chatswood Chase’s new materials recovery facility

Sydney shopping centre Chatswood Chase has launched a “first-of-its-kind” recycling system which will reduce its waste to landfill by an additional 695 tonnes.

With a zero waste target, the reduction in waste is equivalent to 15,500 household wheelie bins of waste.

Justin Mills, Executive General Manager, Vicinity Shopping Centres, said this was the first recycling system of its kind at an Australian shopping centre.

“The Materials Recovery Facility makes great business sense and is a win for the community,” Mr Mills said.

The Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) system starts in-centre, engaging retailers to use specific bins for different items such as paper, plastic, organics. The rubbish is then taken to the waste dock where it is sorted, bundled and processed accordingly on-site.

Chatswood Chase has launched the MRF during Recycle Week, in partnership with disability service provider House with No Steps.

“We have created seven new jobs, six of which help create meaningful employment for people living with disabilities while also diverting 92 per cent of waste away from landfill.”

The MRF is just one part of Vicinity’s overall sustainability strategy which acknowledges that shopping centres are the centrepiece of our communities and an important contributor to establishing smart and sustainable destinations.