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Wastech’s CP Auger Screen

Wastech Engineering has released its newest screening technology from its partner, the CP Group – the CP Auger Screen.

The anti-wrapping, non-blinding screen was developed specifically for materials recovery facilities.

The trademark CP Auger Screen sizes material by using a series of cantilevered augers that do not wrap or jam due to their corkscrewing motion.

Any material that could wrap, such as strapping, hoses or plastic film, are released off the end of the auger.

Its low-wear augers are made from abrasion-resistant steel, making them durable while requiring little to no maintenance.

The CP Auger Screen can be used in various recycling applications, including commingled, municipal solid waste, construction and demolition and commercial and industrial wastes.

The largest model can handle 30 tonnes per hour of inbound single stream material, 55 tonnes per hour of commercial and 70 tonnes per hour for construction and demolition material.

The machine is unique compared to traditional disc screens as the auger rotors act like a corkscrew, conveying any stringy materials over the side. The cantilevered augers convey large flat materials over, while fines and flexible fibre go through the augers or out the side of the screen.

For more information visit: https://wastech.com.au/