Price increases on watch list: NSW CDS

Retailers and distributors who use the NSW Government’s Container Deposit Scheme as a false reason to jack up prices will be targeted by NSW Fair Trading.

It comes after complaints about misleading price increases were made to the state government authority.

Under the scheme, people in NSW are able to return most empty beverage containers between 150 ml and three litres to collection points for a 10-cent refund.

NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rose Webb said the Container Deposit Scheme will help reduce litter across the state and promote recycling, but Fair Trading is not prepared to have consumers be confused into paying more than they should.

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“We are hearing complaints about price increases that exceed the costs of the scheme to businesses. Traders should not be opportunistically increasing prices by more than these costs and then blaming it all on the scheme,” Ms Webb said.

“There have also been reports of consumers being told that the scheme has caused a price increase, when the relevant containers aren’t even eligible for a refund. This misleading conduct could be a breach of Australian Consumer Law.

“NSW Fair Trading will take a stand against any traders who take advantage of consumers to make an unethical quick dollar.”

To contact NSW Fair Trading, go to or phone 13 32 20.