Schaeffler’s vibrating screens help recyclers maximise productivity

In the complex recycling sector, operators need a robust and reliable vibrating screen to ensure they can separate their feedstock down to an appropriate size at a high frequency.

With long service life an important consideration, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have aimed to continually improve their design to ensure operators get the most from their vibrating screens.

As a renowned Australia-wide distributor of bearings, power transmission and industrial products, CBC Australia offers a suite of products from a range of premium suppliers.

As part of its offering, CBC specialises in delivering quality, high precision and cost-effective spherical roller bearings. CBC are well recognised for offering a strong service provision in the management, supply and distribution of bearings throughout Australia.

Tony Tormey, CBC Australia Product Manager – Industrial Bearings, says the FAG T41D Spherical Roller Bearing series from Schaeffler is the latest iteration in the shaker screen bearing solution for vibrating screens.

Schaeffler stock a range of screen bearings, including the T41A, T41B and T41D series to suit the application.

“The T41D screen bearing is proving to be essential in the vibrating screen industry,” Tormey explains.

Tormey says that in order to allow thermal expansion of the shaft, loose fits are commonly used, which usually leads to fretting corrosion. This can restrict thermal expansion of the shaft, increasing bearing loads ultimately reducing bearing life.

The T41D – design however, has a premium hard chromium coating (Durotect CK) on the bore, avoiding fretting corrosion as well as elevated bearing load. This results in a longer service life.

Additional benefit of the coating is the prevention of shaft damage as fretting corrosion is avoided. This reduces repair costs.

“If you put a machine component under the microscope, you will see the peaks with a standard bearing. With the hard chromium coating on the bore, basically it alleviates a lot of those peaks and provides a more of a consistent surface,” Tony says.

With superior qualities of the T41D bearing series with Durotect CK coating on the bore, operators can work more efficiently with a low total cost of ownership, all while delivering a higher level of performance and machine reliability.

The vibrating screen is one of the toughest applications for a bearing due to the high oscillating loads impacting the bearing components, including the grease.

Tormey says the FAG shaker screen bearings from Schaeffler feature Bainite heat treatment giving improved productivity through temperature stability up to 200°C.

Additionally there is a surface hardened cage with high wear resistance and outer ring guidance to accommodate centrifugal forces. The internal design also allows for a relatively larger volume of grease, which is critical in such an application.

Tighter ID and OD dimensional tolerances also provide better control of fit in both housing and shaft.

CBC recommends Schaeffler’s FAG Spherical Roller bearings in X-life quality as they operate 70 per cent longer than regular bearings in the same installation position. Bearings from 22317-EL-XL-T41D right through to 222330-E1-XL-T41D are supplied standard with Durotect CK coated bores.

Tormey says Schaeffler also provide a range of bearing housings with four different sealing options available, depending on application and spherical rollers as a complete package. These include a double lip seal, V-ring seal, labyrinth and taconite seal option depending on the medium.

Additionally, Schaeffler offers tools for the mechanical, hydraulic and thermal mounting and dismounting of bearings.

Moreover, CBC branches across the country offer national sales and local support. This extends to engineering services that include condition monitoring and process improvement.

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