Mobile Trommel - Intelligro

Intelligro receives NZ first PRONAR Mobile Trommel

Soil screening allows the soil to be revitalised, cutting down waste, reducing landfills demands and enables the repurpose of the material into other products. At Intelligro, high-quality soil is used as a substantial part of their special blends and is the secret ingredient for their superior Trommel product range. Read more

New report reveals impact of recycling packaging

A new report has provided an insight into consumer behaviour within the industry, revealing that 76 per cent of Australian’s believing that recycling is the most positive thing they can do for the environment. Read more

Long-life loading

Western Composting Technology was formed in 2004 by the Geelong-based Dickens family to compete for the Greater Shepparton City Council’s tender to build, own and operate the first green waste alternative waste treatment facility in Victoria.

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