South Australia bans PFAS

The South Australian Government has banned the use of fluorinated fire-fighting foams in the state, following amendments to the Environment Protection (Water Quality) Policy 2015.

The amendments make South Australia the first state to ban the use of potentially hazardous fluorinated firefighting foams through legislation.

The EPA’s Chief Executive, Tony Circelli said the ban on fluorinated firefighting foams will effectively negate further environmental and human health risks associated with their use.

“The changes will provide the community and industry with certainty around the use of these products,” he said.

“The EPA will work directly with industry needing to transition through licensing, guidance and the development of environment improvement programs.

“We consulted with industry, community and individuals from April 2017 on the proposed ban and found there was strong support for the ban.”

EPA SA in its newsletter noted that considerable work is also underway nationally in the management of legacy contamination from fluorinated firefighting foams led by the federal government.

Australia’s first PFAS National Environmental Management Plan (NEMP) has been endorsed and provides governments with a consistent and practical risk-based framework for environmental regulation of PFAS contaminated materials and sites. Read more here.