Proposed Adelaide MRF seeks funding

The Southern Region Waste Resource Authority (SRWRA) has developed a business case for a $21 million material recycling facility (MRF) in Adelaide’s south.

According to SRWRA Chairman Mark Booth, South Australia’s 2018 Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan specifically identified the need for an MRF to service southern Adelaide.

SRWRA, a joint subsidiary of Holdfast, Marion and Onkaparinga council, is seeking federal funding for the facility.

Mr Booth said government investment was necessary to minimise the use of landfill and improve recycling in the region.

“The operation of a MRF creates the opportunity to stimulate local economic growth through the creation of a new industry to re-use, re-purpose and recycle recovered resources,” Mr Booth said.

“I’ve written to the candidates of Boothby, Kingston and Mayo to help secure funding, including a five million contribution towards the construction of the plant.”

Mr Booth also requested an additional five million to develop an economic fund to support compatible circular economy industries in the region.

“This is about us becoming self-sufficient, creating a circular economy and reducing our reliance on recycling companies,” Mr Booth said.

“We’ll be able to utilise recycled materials in our own backyard, create up to 37 full time equivalent jobs at the new plant, process approximately 60,000 tonnes of product per annum and attract complementary businesses to our region.”

Mr Booth said the new facility would ease strains caused by China’s ban on contaminated recycling imports and the rising financial and environmental costs of disposal to landfill.

“A plant like this will reduce the financial impacts of the China Sword recycling ban – felt not only by our three councils but all councils and their ratepayers,” Mr Booth said.

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