Geelong adopts new waste strategy

The City of Greater Geelong’s new Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy 2020-2030 has been adopted by council this week.

According to a council statement, the strategy aims to support the community actively avoid waste and increase re-use and recycling of products and materials.

“The strategy explains how the City of Greater Geelong will reduce, re-use and minimise waste in the region over the next 10 years, and incorporates recent national and state policies including the state government’s circular economy policy,” the statement reads.

“The vision supports the strategic priority of effective environmental management in the council plan and shows leadership to address waste, climate change and environmental challenges.”

Through a series of planned actions and measurable targets, council expects the strategy to deliver a major shift in the city’s approach to waste management.

Key actions over the life of the strategy include: phasing out single use plastics across city-owned buildings, implementing a trial food organics collection service, preparing a business case for the development of a food organics processing facility and partnering with government agencies to explore opportunities for alternative waste technologies.

City of Greater Geelong Mayor Stephanie Asher said it was time for the city to approach waste differently.

“This comprehensive strategy is full of clever and creative ways to reduce the city’s waste footprint,” she said.

“The city will transition to a new era of waste and resource recovery management in an effort to minimise the impacts of waste and protect the beautiful natural environment we love so much.”

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