TOMRA Finder

TOMRA Sorting, an industry leader in sensor based sorting systems, has developed the TOMRA Finder to recover high purity metal fractions.

Through a combination of new hardware, such as smaller resolution electromagnetic sensors and finer valve pitches, together with sophisticated new software packages such as intelligent object recognition, the new TOMRA Finder offers users improved product purity together with reduced air consumption.

The TOMRA Finder is available with a range of new features designed to maximise recovery performance and benefits to users. Among the new hardware features, the new EM4 electromagnetic sensor offers a choice of two sensor resolutions which allow the Finder 4 to detect metal objects down to a particle size of one to two millimetres.

The introduction of new, more robust, valve blocks with reduced response times and a much finer valve pitch significantly improves the ability to eject small objects, while also reducing material overshoot. 

These features combine to improve product purity by up to 15 per cent, while reducing air consumption. The TOMRA Finder also permits the automatic testing of each valve on the machine with the benefit of identifying any valve which is found to be defective.

Another new feature, adaptive belt calibration, allows the TOMRA Finder to continuously check for permanent metal inclusions in the belt, thereby reducing misfires, optimising product quality and enhancing sorting stability.