Sydney’s Trisun Green Energy Co secures work in Vietnam

Sydney-based firm Trisun Green Energy Co has secured approval to build a $520-million waste treatment plant outside Ho Chi Minh City in southern Vietnam.

VN Express International reported the Australian company will use plasma gasification technology in the plant to burn 3,000 tons of garbage per day, which equates to more than 40 percent of the city’s volume of waste.

As Vietnam’s largest economic hub, Ho Chi Minh City has treated its waste using burial methods at its landfill sites, with the remainder incinerated and a small portion recycled.

The plant will use runaway heat to generate electricity while the post-incineration material will be used for making building materials.

Ho Chi Minh City will cover the cost to treat each ton of solid household waste, at $20.63 per ton, while the Australian firm will negotiate the price of treating industrial, medical and hazardous waste with their generators.

In October of last year, the city gave Cienco, a state-owned company providing environmental services, the green light to build the first waste treatment plant with the ability to generate generate power.

Data from the Ho Chi Minh City environment department found the city produces about 2.5 million tons of garbage each year, costing it VND1 trillion ($44 million) for waste treatment.

The plant will take about 33 months to be built.