Knives out: Tutt Bryant

Tutt Bryant’s Paul Doran highlights the company’s extensive range of crushers, screens and shredders suitable for a variety of applications.

Construction and demolition (C&D) waste represents around half of the world’s solid waste, according to a 2019 report. The same figure was reported in a 2011 Construction and demolition waste guide prepared for the Federal Government.

Given the scale of Victoria’s Big Build, the towering NSW infrastructure pipeline and even the once underdeveloped Hobart, the waste leviathan shows no signs of slowing down. Such volumes are conducive to commensurate equipment investment, with the ability handle soil, gravel, sand, concrete and other ever-evolving waste streams.

Tutt Bryant Equipment, one of the largest multi-brand national distributors of construction equipment in Australia, has continued to offer a range of comprehensive equipment to deal with not only C&D, but also commercial and industrial and municipal solid waste.

Through its branches in the major centres, the company offers a wide selection of equipment to a variety of industries. These span government, construction, general equipment hire, infrastructure, mining, recycling and demolition.

As the exclusive national distributor of Metso Mobile Crushing and Screening Equipment since 2012, the company recently extended its range to include the world-renowned M&J Shredders on behalf of Metso Waste.

Paul Doran, Business Development Manager at Tutt Bryant, says that Metso is the world’s preeminent manufacturer of mobile crushing equipment, with the Lokotrack name synonymous with quality and performance.

“From the very first mobile crusher developed over 30 years ago to the latest models, Lokotrack has been the brand of choice for the world’s best contractors and producers,” he says.

Metso recently acquired McCloskey International, which necessitated the development of the Nordtrack range. Paul says it complements Lokotrack’s offering by filling in some product gaps and lowering entrance barriers.

“This latest evolution has further extended Tutt Bryant’s already impressive product range of equipment for the waste industry. Coupled with our national footprint of service and parts support, it’s a winning combination for our customers,” Paul says.

Tutt Bryant is now able to provide jaw crushers ranging from the 24-tonne J90 to the 150-tonne LT150 behemoth, aiming to offer a suitable machine for any application.

“The staple impact crushers that many in the waste industry use can now be offered in the form of a Nordtrack I908S weighing as little as 28 tonnes and up to the LT1315 which weighs in at 70 tonnes, with respective productivity increases,” Paul says.

“The introduction of the cone and screen combination plants have provided some traction with waste and mining contractors alike. The LT220D and LT330D offer a transport and fuel-efficient alternative to conventional methods.”

In addition to the extensive range of crushers, the screen range has also grown dramatically with most of the new additions at the smaller end. The soil, sand and gravel processors have access to the two-deck and three-deck screens options that range from 14” x 5” right up to the 22” x 6”, generally for aggregate production.

“The scalpers can be provided for similar applications or when feed material is mixed and sticky, but our ST2.8 has one of the most aggressive strokes in the market so the material doesn’t put up much resistance.

“The S2.11 has a massive screen deck area of 22” x 6” for serious screening while handling large feed material through its apron feeder.”

The Metso shredder is ideal for C&D waste which can contain mixed materials ranging from wood, plastic, concrete and metals. The open-cutting table design of Metso Shredders is effective in this waste stream as it minimises wear while ensuring high throughput.

Some of the main features of the Metso technology includes shredding in both directions and Metso metrics for online monitoring of performance and health status.

“Our shredders have a double hydrostatic system, which means the shafts work independent of each other. The open cutting table technology and welded-on knives means that these shredders are not sensitive to stronger and tougher material. They also provide the highest possible availability factor, lowering production costs,” Paul says.

The 35 tonne M&J 4000M comes with six to 12 knives and its big brother, the 63-tonne M&J 6000M, comes with nine to 16 knives to suit all applications. Both of these are available in electric models.

To complement the wide range of crushers, screens and shredders, Tutt Bryant has introduced a number of stackers.

Optioned as tracked, wheeled and radial, in heavy duty and standard specification, the stackers provide operation flexibility in material transfer and increased stockpile heights to reduce loader movements. They range from 20, 24 and 30 metres in length and metre-wide belts.

“If your operation needs some material crushed, screened, shredded, sorted, stacked or conveyed, chances are the team at Tutt Bryant Equipment can help,” Paul says.

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Moving with the times: Tutt Bryant and Bomag

Queensland’s North West Services has been using Bomag compactors for more than 20 years, with a number of key factors contributing to the long-standing partnership.

With an ever-increasing emphasis on source separation, waste handling and landfill diversion, today’s waste facilities are well regarded.

This experience has led to a better understanding of machine performance and capacity, allowing waste operators to respond to all conditions.

In the Whitsunday towns of Proserpine and Bowen, North West Services (NWS) remains committed to best practice.

NWS began working with the Whitsunday Shire Council at Cannonvale Transfer Station and Kelsey Creek landfill sites in 1998. Since 2004, the company has remained the contractor for management and operation of the council landfills. Husband and wife team Ray and Noleen established the business together and Noleen has been a director for more than 20 years.

Luke Purvis, now a managing director, assumed the role after his father fell ill in 2014. Having worked very closely in all aspects of the business, including financial and customer management, Luke provides an honest, knowledgeable and proactive approach to his duties.

As part of its ongoing commitment to high standard landfill management, NWS has been operating Bomag compactors for more than 20 years. Available through Australian supplier Tutt Bryant Limited, Bomag has remained at the forefront of compaction technology for decades, continually refining its various models to suit the modern landfill.

He says that NWS participates in all aspects of management. This includes unlined and lined cells, storm water system installation, batter rehabilitation and maintenance, supervision of waste receival, and handling all contract environmental standards.

Luke says that NWS has investigated the comparable operating capabilities of other manufacturers’ landfill compactors in the same class. After rigorous testing and compaction analysis, he says NWS was assured that Bomag landfill compactors feature superior advantages on all levels, including both on-the-ground and operational.

“Low servicing costs, long machine life without major component failure and increased operator comfort are all important factors that make Bomag continue to stand out for us,” Luke says.

Luke adds that the machines also have reduced noise and emissions.

NWS own and operate landfill equipment for site management and fully serviced long and short-term dry hire, covering local government and commercial waste operations. The company maintain a fleet of around 30 pieces of plant with additional service and haulage vehicles.

Over the past two decades, NWS has gradually increased their fleet to meet stakeholder requests while replacing units to meet growing performance standards.

When it comes to the performance of Bomag compactors, Luke explains that compaction teeth are warranted standard at 10,000 hours – a key factor aiding long service life.

Reliability and efficiency in mechanical performance covers daily auto lubrication and service check points, self-cleaning wheels with adjustable wire cutters. Economical fuel consumption is supported by a load sensing engine fuel system and hydrostatic drive.

As operator comfort is a prominent consideration, Tutt Bryant landfill compactors feature a climate control cabin, heated seat, filtered air supply, joystick and malfunction warning system. The telematic system provides current machine diagnostics and location.

NWS has many contracts with customers in local government and commercial waste operations and Tutt Bryant Equipment forms an important part of that operation. Luke says NWS supplies fully serviced dry hire waste compaction and handling equipment packages in Queensland and Victoria.

“These are managed by NWS mobile servicing units, additionally also backed by Tutt Bryant Equipment servicing and spare parts departments,” Luke says.

Luke says the NWS mobile servicing units offer the proven ability to maintain their machinery to meet the usage required under landfill conditions. This usually requires an all year, seven day a week operation/service. NWS is an authorised agent for the servicing and maintenance of all their units.

In its workshop, NWS stocks major spare parts, including full power train componentry for the Bomag Landfill Compactor. This ensures 100 per cent availability of compaction machinery on-site at all times.

Refurbished exchange wheels and caps can be fitted to NWS’ 30 plus tonne compactors in a day to maintain compaction. They also position some on-site stock holdings of consumables and parts often required.

Luke says that NWS believes that extensive knowledge of the machines, backed by warranty through Tutt Bryant and Bomag, ensures NWS customers are provided with the high standard of service they’ve come to expect.

“NWS provides skill and expertise in our industry by keeping up to date with industry changes and assessing and using opportunities to build efficient, effective practices into their services which may benefit our customers,” Luke explains.

“Our experience with Bomag compactors and Tutt Bryant Equipment is that they both have proven to be extremely reliable and we have had no hesitation in purchasing further units when the need arises.”

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Shredding the unshreddable: Tutt Bryant

Waste companies are reaping productivity gains from Metso Waste’s M&J 4000M shredder, available through a new partnership with Tutt Bryant Equipment.

Tutt Bryant Equipment has had a long history of serving the waste sector through its iconic BOMAG and Metso brands.

With its various iterations, the machine has for decades helped reduce costs and improve safety through intelligent compaction. While Tutt Bryant is perhaps best-known for its landfill compactors, crushers and screens, the Australian supplier recently bolstered its presence in the waste sector with a new OEM partnership.

With branches in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin and a number of independent dealers, Tutt Bryant Equipment is able to support the market effectively.

In September last year, Tutt Bryant became the exclusive distributor for Metso Waste’s mobile shredders, with the first machine sold to Cleanaway. The company offers an array of shredders to the marketplace, from the M&J 4000M to M&J 6000M, available for a variety of throughputs and applications.

Paul Doran, Tutt Bryant Equipment Business Development Manager, explains Metso Waste approached the supplier due to its long history with Metso Minerals in the quarrying sector.

“We’ve been the distributor for crushing and screening equipment for Metso since 2012,” Paul explains.

“Metso Waste realised it was a good fit for us as because of the broad range of products that Tutt Bryant equipment provide in the waste sector, including landfill compactors, crushers, screens, excavators and front end loaders.”

He says Tutt Bryant is seeking to expand its offering to the waste industry by supporting transfer stations with their processing needs.

“This is an opportunity for us to provide a variety of equipment, whether it be crushing concrete, screening waste material or reducing landfill volumes,” he says.

Metso Waste Recycling shredding technology is based on an extremely aggressive knife design and open cutting table, which provides outstanding performance when dealing with mixed and challenging materials.

“A lot of other shredders have a single shaft and rely on the shaft to cut the product, whereas with the Metso design, the knives drive the material into the cutting deck to break it up,” he says.

Paul adds that high-performance pumps maintain high torque levels, in addition to a variety of program settings on the knives allowing both shafts to cut in both directions and  asynchronously.

“They shred materials other machines wouldn’t shred due to a heavy robust engineering design,” Paul says.

He adds the shredder also comprises a detailed fleet management system to monitor the performance of the machine.

“You can get into an amazing level of detail on the pressures, how it’s running and how much fuel it’s using to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment.”

These key features make M&J PreShred units extremely resistant to wear caused by materials and waste normally considered unshreddable, including solid steel, reinforced concrete and rocks. The machine has sensors that notify the operator of overloading which helps to protect it from damage.

Throughputs can be as high as 100 tonnes per hour depending on the type of input, number of knives specified for the cutting table and loading procedure. The interaction between the rotating knives on these shafts running asynchronously, and in both directions, ensures that the input material is constantly in motion. This prevents bridging and provides maximum shredding capacity.

With the Queensland waste levy underway, management at Cleanaway’s Willawong Transfer Station decided to start looking at shredding materials onsite to reduce volumes and improve separation.

The initial discussions between Cleanaway and Tutt Bryant Equipment were around Cleanaway’s requirement to purchase suitable plant to provide adequate reduction of municipal solid waste. This would enable efficient screening into separate products for further downstream treatment.

Due to great experiences with Metso crushers, the Willawong management team decided to explore the Metso M&J PreShredder range.

Further details and specification options on the M&J 4000M were discussed with Site Operations Manager Chris Thomson. The Tutt Bryant team gained a clear understanding of the impending needs of the site and ongoing volume increases. The large installed base of the units and Chris’ personal experience with Metso Crushers and Screens ensured confidence in the quality and support from Tutt Bryant.

After some benchmarking and considering several different supplier offerings, Cleanaway ordered the M&J4000M and it was delivered to Willawong in July 2019.

“The main reason for selecting the M&J 4000 was that we were confident in it providing the necessary volume reduction, and because of its twin shaft design, we knew it would be very reliable,” Operations Manager Chris Thomson says.

Chris attributes reliability to the Metso build quality and understanding that the production capacity would be there.

After five months of operation, Chris says the machine has performed far better than expected.

“It is user-friendly, even for staff with little exposure to shredders. We got a good feeling about how this relationship was going to go before the machine arrived as Metso Waste and Tutt Bryant senior managers came to site and met with us to discuss the machine and our application,” he says.

“The after-sales support and service from Tutt has been excellent. I can’t fault it.”

The M&J 4000M will be showcased at this year’s Waste 2020 Conference in May at Coffs Harbour.

To find out how the M&J 4000M will improve your material transfer, recovery or landfill operations, please contact Tutt Bryant Equipment on 1300 658 888 or

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