Perth company contracted to recycle rainwater

Technology developed by a Perth company that allows rainwater to be recycled has generated attention by the local government sector.

Business News reported that Urban Stormwater Technologies has invested almost $3 million in the development of a filter to reuse rainwater that would otherwise be lost to stormwater systems.

“The capacity to reuse that water could help local government sectors wanting to facilitate population growth, with many municipal authorities seeking alternative water sources after their groundwater usage had been capped,” Urban founder Craig Rothleitner told Business News.

“We’ve got our first local government contract. It’s with the City of Kalamunda.”

“It’s a drainage system that is feeding into the main drain, and from that main drain they have set up the first aquifer storage and recovery plant in Western Australia.”

“What they’re doing is drawing water from that (drain) in winter, filtering it down and then injecting it into the ground.”

The process is said to involve hanging a metal basket over storm drain entries, and filtering the water using a material found in boat carpets.

The Shire of Kalamunda contract has contracted Urban Stormwater Technologies to clean out the existing pipe system and then install nine baskets upstream from the recharge plant.

Annual water use across the Perth metropolitan region is about 395 gigalitres, with about 42 per cent of that usage self-supplied, mainly from groundwater bores, Business News reported, which is how councils and schools source water for irrigation of parks and gardens.