Cleanaway launches decontamination service

Cleanaway has launched a decontamination service for public spaces and facilities, removing infectious elements without affecting paint, surfaces or the underlying structure.

According to a Cleanaway statement, the decontamination service is informed by consultation with expert chemists and occupational hygienists, to provide compliance, effectiveness and quality assurance.

“Together with Hammelmann Australia and Enviromist, we have developed fogging nozzle technology to ensure the best application of product, which is less aggressive than conventional methods and ensures no damage to people, property or assets,” the statement reads.

Decontamination refers to a process that cleans, disinfects and sanitises an object, space or material to remove possible viruses, bacteria and other infectious elements.

“Open spaces such as parks, schools, playgrounds may be sites of viral transmission due to their accessibility and potential for high traffic,” the statement reads.

“Regular cleaning and decontamination of handrails, chairs, doorframes and other commonly touched surfaces can stop harmful diseases from spreading.”

The decontamination service is available for public spaces such as schools, parks, shopfronts, roads, bus stops, loading docks, terminals, carparks and includes resource and manufacturing plants.

“As an experienced emergency response provider, we have supported our local communities through some of the biggest environmental challenges in recent years, such as 2019’s bushfires, floods, and other large-scale mobilisation of industrial waste and cleaning services,” the statement reads.

“We also offer safe treatment, collection and disposal of all kinds of hazardous and non-hazardous waste in accordance with relevant regulations and an emergency response service for urgent requests.”

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