road surface

‘Glass’ road complete

Yarra Ranges Council has combined new road surfacing and murals to highlight the importance of reducing waste. Read more

QLD organics

Zero Emissions Grants program open

Canberrans looking to help reduce emissions and inspire change can apply for a Community Zero Emissions Grant with $150,000 available to groups and individuals. Read more

plastic pollution

Ocean conservationists welcome Greens waste policy

Ocean conservationists have welcomed the Greens’ Creating a Circular Economy national policy initiative, describing it as a sound, evidence-based approach to stopping the flow of plastic pollution into Australia’s waterways and oceans. Read more

Queensland to review waste strategy and levy

Greens plan to drive circular economy

The Greens will provide $1 billion for a nationwide scheme to build industrial compostable facilities, as part of a plan to transition to a circular economy by 2030. Read more

circular economy

SA leading the world in circular economy

South Australia’s world-leading approach to recycling and waste management is on show with the Global Centre of Excellence in Circular Economy – Circular360’s head office officially opened at Lot Fourteen this week. Read more