AMCS Wastedge Weighbridge Module

AMCS Wastedge has launched the first of a number of new modules for its Wastedge software with the release of its Wastedge Weighbridge Module.

The module aims to provide fleet operators with a range of options to capture their vehicle weight data. The weighbridge module can use Wi-Fi, serial (RS-232) or Ethernet network connection, so that the application can connect to the scale for automated weights captured against registered vehicles or one-time visit public vehicles. Support for tare weights of known vehicles – the weight of an empty vehicle – is included in the system.

A number of the most common weighbridge protocols used in Australia are supported as standard with the solution. With the module, users can process environmental protection authority levies or extra charges for tyres, mattresses and special material rates per customer or hauler with a range of pricing options. Weight field selection is automated based on regular vehicle or related waste-type transaction defaults. It supports weight measurements such as gross in or gross out to support typical transfer station operations.

The weighbridge module is available to use with the latest 8.4 release of Wastedge. The weighbridge gatehouse software module runs as a fully standalone solution on any Windows computer, whether it is a stand-alone desktop computer at the weighbridge office, or any Windows tablet.

The weighbridge module can also accumulate material movement summaries per waste or recycle stream into site totals and diversion percentages. The module supports account customers, haulers and outbound deliveries and cash on delivery receipts.

Further features to come onstream with the solution will be integrated EFTPOS payments for users who need to take payments on the weighbridges.

The module marks the first in a number of new features due for release in the Wastedge software platform in the coming months.