Garwood International’s exclusive Vehicle Weigh Solutions range

Garwood International is the exclusive Australian and New Zealand dealer for the Vehicle Weighing Solutions range of weighing systems.

Products include Enviroweigh, LoadWeight and the Vehicle Overload Protection System (VOPS).

Garwood supplies the European licensed-for-trade EnviroWeigh system which is able to accurately weigh individual mobile garbage bins. The system allows for accuracy of 0.5 per cent or better during the normal loading cycle and there is no need to stop the lift cycle. The EnviroWeigh system provides individual bin weights while displaying a running total of collected weights, helping crews to prevent overloads.

The LoadWeigh is designed for high accuracy in rugged conditions and according to Garwood International, is the first choice for waste collectors.

The Vehicle Weighing Solutions weigher helps to manage overloads by measuring the weight of the vehicle and its payload, minimising damage to running gear, tyres and braking systems. Benefits include the ability to ascertain net, load, gross and axle weights as well as seamless integration to GPS/GPRS tracking systems.

Truck operators increase profits and protect investment by reducing the risk of running light and wasting money.

The VOPS 2 has been developed by Vehicle Weighing Solutions as a sophisticated yet simple solution that can be fitted to most types/categories of vehicle, whether the suspension is steel or air. It gives the driver accurate loading information when and where it is needed.

The VOPS 2 vehicle overload protection system aims to be an extremely reliable enclosed measurement system that does not rely on springs or moving parts.