Tasmania names waste and resource recovery board

Tasmania waste and resource recovery board

Adjunct Professor Pam Allan will chair Tasmania’s inaugural Waste and Resource Recovery Board.

Roger Jaensch, Minister for the Environment, last week announced the new board which will advise the government on the direction for waste management, resource recovery, and the Circular Economy in Tasmania.

Allan is a member of the Northern Tasmanian Development Corporation and Circular Economy Working Group and was a member of the Tasmanian Ministerial Waste Advisory Group. Other board members are Glenn Doyle, the Local Government Association of Tasmania representative, Allison Clark, Matthew Greski, Tony Ferrier and Helen Millicer.

Jaensch said the appointed board members were selected based on their high level of suitability for the role in accordance with the criteria in the Waste and Resource Recovery Act 2022.

Jaensch said the board’s roles will include preparation of the waste strategy, to promote and support resource recovery activities across the state, promote market and local infrastructure development, oversee the use of landfill levy funds, and administer several assistance programs as specified in the Act.

He thanked the outgoing members of the Waste and Resource Recovery Ministerial Advisory Group, who have provided advice during the development of the Act, as well a number of other government initiatives aimed at growing the circular economy.

“The implementation of the Waste and Resource Recovery Act 2022 and the establishment of the board delivers on our government’s commitment to introduce a landfill levy to encourage the diversion of waste from landfill and to drive investment in the circular economy,” Jaensch said.

“Coming into effect on July 1, the landfill levy will deliver important community benefits through a decline in landfill disposal of about 210,000 tonnes per annum by 2030-31, as well as creating up to 130 new full-time ongoing jobs in the waste and resource recovery sector once the maximum levy rate is reached.”

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