TechCollect Urges Firms To Mark ‘Waste Not, Want Not Day’

End of life office electricals
National e-waste recycling service TechCollect is calling for Australian businesses to mark 8 December to recycle unwanted office electricals.

The organisation is asking companies across the country to get involved in ‘Waste Not Want Not Day’ by checking their office cupboards and store rooms for any unwanted computers, computer accessories, printers and monitors, and then taking them for recycling.

TechCollect believes that the lead-up to Christmas is the perfect time for employers and employees to clear the office of unwanted technology and take a shared responsibility for their e-waste.

“‘Waste Not, Want Not Day’ is a great opportunity to show employees, clients and business partners that sustainability is at the top of the business agenda – while freeing up some space around the office,” said Carmel Dollisson, TechCollect’s CEO.

“We’re encouraging businesses to make a pledge to support ‘Waste Not, Want Not Day’ on December 8 – to make a positive impact on the environment and the wider community by recycling their e-waste at their nearest TechCollect drop off site.”

Research shows that 80 per cent of employees want to see more recycling in their workplaces, and 71 per cent believe that having access to recycling facilities at work makes them feel like they work for a responsible employer.

More details for ways businesses can make a difference on ‘Waste Not Want Not Day’, and more information about local e-waste drop-off sites, are available on the TechCollect website.


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