Telstra commits to renewable and recycled packaging

Telstra has announced plans to commit to renewable and recycled materials for branded packaging by the end of 2022.

Telstra uses 1.4 million kilos of packaging every year to deliver products, with current components of the packaging ending up in landfill.

Telstra Head of Environment Tom Penny said the commitment reflects the businesses improved approach to sustainability.

“We felt we had a responsibility, and an opportunity, to create packaging that is not only simpler, easier to recycle and has a lower environmental impact, but also delivers an improved unboxing experience for our customers,” he said.

New Telstra products will be the first to roll off production with the renewable packaging, with a focus on reducing the amount of paper used in the packaging.

“We’ve reduced the use of any plastic beyond the device, cable, magnet and protective film, and will no longer use inks or print finishes that could impact the ability to recycle the packaging,” Penny explained.

Telstra will also be running a trial between May and July this year to encourage the recycling of technological and phone products.

In partnership with MobileMuster, a voluntary mobile recycling program, Telstra will aim to recover devices for recycling. Each device consists of 95 per cent recyclable materials and components.

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