Telstra Launches E-waste Recycling Service For SMEs

Telstra launches eCycle e-easte recycling service to SMEs
Telstra is offering a new e-waste pick-up and recycling service for small businesses around Australia.

The eCycle program is delivered free of charge and allows SMEs to dispose of any unwanted or redundant technology in a safe and environmentally-responsible way.

Driven by selected Telstra Business Centres, the free pick-up and recycling program will see eCycle boxes made available to participating local businesses for collection of their old technology. This clearing up space for more productive uses.

Businesses can also drop into their local participating Telstra Business Centre and pick one up. Once the box is full, businesses can either call the dedicated eCycle support line 1800 111399 or log on to the eCycle website to book a pick-up.

In a statement, Telstra said it is dedicated to ensuring that unwanted, old and redundant electronic devices don’t end up in landfill, but are instead recycled properly.

Telstra has partnered with e-waste recycling and stewardship business, Infoactiv, for logistical and program design support to deliver the eCycle program.

In addition, all mobiles, accessories and batteries will be recycled by MobileMuster – the only government-accredited not-for-profit mobile phone recycling program in Australia.

“Telstra’s eCycle program is a great initiative that directly benefits small and medium sized businesses,” said Infoactiv’s Chief Sustainability Officer, John Gertsakis. “The program offers a convenient way for SMEs to manage their e-waste, and keeps this material out of landfill. It clearly demonstrates Telstra’s leadership position on electronics sustainability.”

The program is being offered for a limited time, with the closing date currently scheduled for the end of November.

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