National radioactive waste management facility tenders open

Tenders have opened for site characterisation works on a national radioactive waste management facility.

The tender forms part of phase two of the proposed facility, with three sites voluntarily nominated in South Australia, including two in the rural service town of Kimba and one at Wallerberdina, near the Flinders Ranges.

The national radioactive waste management facility will consolidate Australia’s radioactive waste holdings, which are currently spread across more than 100 locations around the country.

Bruce McCleary, General Manager of the national radioactive waste management facility taskforce said that site characterisation is an important activity in the next part of the project.

Mr McCleary said that site characterisation involves looking in detail at all aspects of each site, and understanding whether they fit the technical criteria to be a suitable location.

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“Phase two involves building a detailed understanding of the nominated sites, through in depth community consultation and technical assessments,” he said.

“Community consultation is now well underway, including appointment of locally engaged officers and establishment of site offices at both sites, creation of committees and working groups, and regular visits from members of the project team and experts to provide information on the project.”

Phase two of the project involves assessing flora and fauna, geology and seismic risks; inputting into the detailed business case, with reference to site specific design and cost estimates, and an additional option for the preparation and development of submissions for licensing and approvals.

McCleary said this second phase of the process at all three sites will be underway until the end of next year. For more information head to

The tender closes 28 November 2017, at 3:00 pm (ACT Local Time).

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