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MWS Environmental Terex TWT 500

Terex TWT 500 from MWS Environmental
Powerful yet compact, the Terex TWT 500 is the ideal windrow turner for both high-volume production and yards with confined space.

MWS Environmental is the exclusive agent for the TWT 500 in Australia.

Offering green performance in every aspect of its operation, the machine’s patented design allows customers to process up to 30 per cent more material within the same footprint as conventional windrow turners.

The unique material handling system ensures unrivalled aeration and product mixing, reducing decomposition times and increasing productivity.

Superior operator comfort, excellent visibility and features such as “auto pilot” ensure the model exceeds customer requirements for safety and efficiency.

The TWT 500 is designed for indoor operation, high ambient temperatures and highest surface area productivity. 
It comprises an air-conditioned cabin, auxiliary cooling and protective ventilation. This makes it ideal for indoor use, but it will also deliver optimal turning rates outdoors.

The turner doesn’t need any travelling paths, as is usually required for conventional tunnel machines. Instead, its make its way on its own, no matter the type of material.

Scooping gently instead of milling, it ensures that the coarse-grained structure of the material is retained, which results in more oxygen getting in. In addition, its patented ECO system for better mixing, aeration and loosening of the material achieves up to 20 per cent shorter rotting times, which save fuel, time and operating costs.

Significantly, the TWT 500 can easily process overlapping windrows – even tabular ones – which can save up to
 30 per cent of the surface area.

A turning capacity up to 2,800
 cubic metres per hour enables optimal processing of windrows up to 3 metres high and 5 metres wide. Customers can also choose optional left or right side stacking.

The TWT 500 offers any composting business quality and economical in a simple, robust and low-maintenance system.


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