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In the world of industrial cleaning and excavation, KOR stands out as the exclusive distributor of Gerotto in Australia and New Zealand – renowned for its remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) that revolutionise safety and productivity.

By keeping operators away from high-risk zones like tank cleaning, confined spaces, and pipelines, Gerotto ensures 24/7 efficiency reducing the hazards of injury or fatigue. Whether it’s the Gerotto Lombrico or other advanced models, KOR delivers unmatched safety and efficiency in industrial operations and equipment.

 Lombrico S no-man entry robot: the new level of safety

Lombrico S is a hydraulic, remotely operated robot specifically designed for vacuuming any type of material found in high-risk confined spaces such as inside refineries, steel plants, tank terminals, biogas plants, and industrial plants (including options for classified dangerous goods).

This innovation has been developed by Gerotto, an Italian company which has pioneered the design and production of remote operated vehicles for more than 20 years.

Lombrico S is a compact robot – capable of entering into 600-millimetre manholes (the standard dimensions for manhole sizes in Australia and New Zealand typically involve a 600mm by 600mm opening). Additionally, there are choices available to accommodate more compact entry requirements, such as the Lombrico XXS version designed specifically to fit through a 450 mm manhole – that replaces the need of manual labour for heavy-duty tasks and operating in hazardous areas such as where there is flammable gases or dust.

How does the robot work and what can it vacuum?

The Lombrico S is a hydraulic system, mounted on antistatic or magnetic rubber tracks and driven by a power unit with either a diesel or electric motor. Gerotto boast a range of various supplementary features available to enhance the task performance.

These include a secure CCTV system with cameras, monitors, LED lighting, a remote control kit with a transmitter which is facilitated through a control unit equipped with monitors, radio controls, and joy sticks.

The Lombrico S. Image: KOR Equipment Solutions

The Lombrico S is connected to the control unit by hydraulic hoses that control the movements of the machine and any accessories. This suction hose is positioned between the tracks and has a range of diameters varying from 80 to 25 mm. It is connected to a Cappellotto vacuum truck and can reach up to a distance of 100 metres from the suction point.

Through this combination of the robot and a Cappellotto vacuum truck, materials such as sludge, slurry, dust, and other residues present inside places such as tanks, food silos, and pipelines can be removed. The Lombrico S alone is also capable of vacuuming contaminated soil that is under pipelines and conveyor belts in mines or other industries. Other applications include culvert cleaning and water blasting with high pressure flow.

Accessories: one robot for multiple applications

There is an extensive range of frontal accessories, meaning the Lombrico S can be used for many different applications. For example, using an accessory such as the auger system breaks down hardened materials, while the squeegee system can clean horizontal surfaces due to perfectly fitting spatulas that open and close automatically.

There are high-pressure 360 degree orientation nozzles that liquefy materials which facilitates suction, and the flow rate levels can be adjusted depending on the application requirements.

There is also equipment available such as gas detectors, inclinometers and other sensors that provide complete, real-time control of the robot as part of the range.

 International certification

Gerotto’s Robotic Business Unit based in Germany has commenced the process of achieving international IECEx certification (alongside its currently ATEX certification) of the robotic systems for cleaning tanks inside refineries and tank terminals. It is anticipated this will be completed in the first half of 2024.

Not only will this lead to stronger penetration in the oil and gas markets but continues to support Gerotto’s focus on operator safety and improving the working conditions of the operators.

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