The good soil

CJD, the good soil

A working partnership between SoilCyclers and CJD Equipment has evolved into an organic relationship that continues to grow.

CJD, The good soil
SoilCyclers Managing Director Alison Price (left) and Plant Manager Michael Bennett (right).

Surface specialists SoilCyclers began as Brisbane Screening in 2009, servicing the soil, landfill mining and waste reduction services for the Brisbane area.

It’s now one of the market’s prime movers, working within the construction, waste and mining sectors across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, the ACT and Northern Territory.

The company recycles close to half a million cubic metres of soil annually, making it one of the largest soil recyclers in Queensland.

But it wasn’t always that way. It’s taken hard work for the business to take root.

Alison Price, SoilCyclers Managing Director says the financial capabilities of the business initially made growth difficult.

“We were a new business, we didn’t have private funding so we started with what we could afford,” Alison says.

“As the company grew, reliability became an essential aspect of our business. If they’re not working, everything is down, and nothing is making money. One machine breaking down is not just an independent issue, it can affect our whole operation.”

SoilCyclers provides a range of services for customers including topsoil amelioration, which turns soil from an unsuitable material to a specified topsoil ready for re-use on a project.

“For us, reliability is really important, and it’s one of the reasons that we have been so happy with the Volvo machines that we use at our site,” says Alison.

Alison says she and SoilCyclers Plant Manager Michael Bennett underwent a thorough purchasing process to find the right equipment for their operation.

“Michael and I drove around to all of the excavator dealers to look at their products for our operation. It got to the end of the day, and we drove past the CJD dealership,” Alison says. “As soon as I saw Michael look at the Volvo products, I knew they would be the machines we would buy.”

A range of Volvo products, including the L60H wheel loader, the ECR35D and the EC300D excavators, are now used by SoilCyclers for digging in waste stockpile and material movement.

The Volvo ECR35D comes with a quick coupler design, allowing operators to change attachments quickly, thanks to mechanical and hydraulic universal couplers.

Its range of attachments also allows the machine to be productive, with different buckets, hydraulic breakers and more able to be attached.

CJD, the good soilMichael says Volvo machines offer a balance of ease-of-operation and versatility.

“When we are completing remediation jobs, the wheel loader allows us to move the material closer for the excavator, so that it can be mixed through the screening plant,” Michael says.

The L60H also features the latest ‘Stage V’ engine emission technology, providing reductions in fuel consumption, and increased productivity.

Increased safety features including anti-slip steps, and greater maintenance access points for both the Volvo excavator and wheel loader were added incentives for SoilCyclers.

“One of the buying criteria that we had when we were first looking was a machine that had electric hydraulic controls. Volvo was one of the companies that made early movement towards that feature,” Alison says.

Stacey Brown, Regional Sales Manager of CJD, says that a constant support service is available for customers such as SoilCyclers.

“CJD Equipment has branches in all states and territories delivering parts, service and repairs 24/7 for all Volvo CE, ensuring our customers have reliable, productive machines delivering a lower cost of ownership to their business,” Stacey says.

“Volvo CE is built on the cornerstones of safety for operator and sites, quality of components and care for the environment throughout the manufacturing process, as well as machine recycling at end of life.”

SoilCyclers is aiming at further growth and larger projects which, Alison says, will likely require more machinery.

“We brought in our first Volvo machine in 2013, so our relationship with the company has been quite a long one. For future equipment, I won’t bother shopping anywhere else,” Alison says.

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