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The Komptech Multistar L3

Screening is a fundamental treatment stage in the processing of waste, recyclables and biomass.

Star screen technology is increasingly used for separation work, and in most cases the screener is a Multistar.

Komptech’s Multistar L3 – available in Australia exclusively through Kompech CEA – facilitates high throughput across a wide range of applications. One machine and one pass are sufficient to divide material into two or three fractions.

The hopper, feed system and design and dimensions of the screen decks combine to form a compact unit with unbeatable throughput. Effective wear protection of all parts in contact with material and an efficient diesel-electric drive system ensure the lowest operating costs.

Very low dust emissions, largely screening internally also make this a strong competitor.

The power for the drives can come either from grid electric power or the optional built-in diesel generator. The use of grid power reduces energy consumption by up to 75 per cent compared with diesel-hydraulic power.

The cassette configuration of the screen decks facilitates rapid changes and flexibility, while particle size can be controlled by varying the rotation speed of the star shafts. In just seconds, particle size can be changed within the range provided by the star size using a touchscreen graphic control panel.

Different star dimensions and arrangements cover screening sections from eight to 150 millimetres.

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