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The platinum edition

ACCO model truck

Bucher Municipal releases five 70th anniversary editions based on the popular ACCO model truck.

You can still hear the pride in Lloyd Reeman’s voice when he speaks of the ACCO model truck.

The recently retired Iveco National Key Account Fleet Manager – who also retired in 2015 but was back as a consultant three weeks later – has fond memories of helping develop a truck that “kick-started the waste” industry and continues to lead the pack.

“I worked with engineering, from a marketing and sales point-of-view, to develop that truck,” Lloyd says. “Over the course of time it’s had more than 4000 updates. Every update was because we used to hold waste industry forums and ask what we needed to do to improve.

“We built more than 90,000 of that model, at what was then International Trucks in Dandenong. I was lucky enough to sell more than 16,000 into the waste industry. To see the ACCO name still going in the industry is pretty important to me.”

The Dandenong manufacturing facility and ACCO model range were acquired by Iveco in 1992. With long-term partner Bucher Municipal, it continues to produce revolutionary transport for the waste industry.

It’s a long way from Bucher Municipal’s Australian origins, as a manufacturer of incinerators for banknote destruction and to dispose of hospital waste in 1951 under the name of JD MacDonald Engineering.

It was JD MacDonald Engineering that introduced the first Johnston Sweeper to Australia in February 1968 – a 300 Series single-engine sweeper, mounted on a Ford D Series 1210 cab-chassis. The first machine was sold to the City of Prahan in April that year.

In 1972, the company became the Australian distributor for the EZ Pack range of rear- and front-loader waste collection vehicles. MacDonald Johnston Engineering (MJE) was formed the following year as a joint venture with Johnston Sweepers Limited and the company began manufacturing the Peabody EZ Pack Rear Loader under license.

The first EZ HC Front Loader was sold to Cleanaway in 1976. It set a benchmark in productivity and compaction for the waste industry and MJE developed a reputation as a market leader in Australia.

In the following years, MJE introduced numerous design changes including automated rear-door locking systems, automatic bin lifting systems, a side loader and advancements with hydraulic and electrical systems. When MJE was acquired by Bucher Industries in 2005 the local company gained global exposure. Through it all, the ACCO remains a favoured model.

George Stavrinous, who in 2021 took on the role of Key Account Manager working within the waste and recycling industry, says the model’s continued popularity with clients is because “it’s proven in the market”. 

“It’s got a good reputation,” George says. “Customers have known it for years and used it for years. It’s always on the shopping list for all the big nationals.”

As Regional Sales Manager for seven years, George knows the ACCO well. He worked with the Victorian dealer network selling into local government and councils. Despite being hampered by restrictions created by the COVID-19 pandemic, he’s now enjoying being more involved with truck builds for customers and hopes to build on an already strong relationship.

“There’s always things on the go, from new tenders to following through modifications and handover. They’re all very professional and a good bunch of people in the waste industry. 

“But I’m blessed with selling a good product.”

In celebration of Bucher Municipal’s 70th anniversary in Australia, five Anniversary Edition Euro6 ACCO 8×4 units with special livery are being developed.

Daniel Sampson, Bucher Municipal Customer Support Manager says the company had planned a “big event” to mark its 70-year milestone, but COVID-19 put that on hold. The anniversary models will go some way to celebrate the occasion. Four of the special edition models had already been sold before the first truck came off the production line in November 2021.

Daniel says the anniversary editions build on the popular ACCO model with additional safety features such as front zone detection, which warns drivers of pedestrians in close proximity, a five-camera system to allow visibility around the entire truck, and a roof safety harness. They’re also “throwing in a few extras” including a fridge and seat covers, stainless-steel mud guards and a special weigh system.

Daniel says it’s nothing “over the top,” but is a way to recognise Bucher Municipal’s contribution to the industry.

“When you look back to the ‘90s and 2000s, when a lot of manufacturing was going offshore, we’re pretty proud to say we’ve been manufacturing and designing in Australia for 70 years,” he says.

“Having that Australian history of designed and built for the Australian market is definitely a plus.” 

For more information, visit: www.iveco.com.au 

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