TIC & Soft Landing unite for mattress recycling

TIC and Soft Landing collaborate on mattress recycling
Soft Landing and TIC Group have announced their partnership to tackle Australia’s end-of-life mattress problem.

A joint statement from the companies said they would combine the strengths of their respective models to address the 300,000 end-of-life mattresses that require processing each year in Sydney and Melbourne.

TIC Mattress Recycling is the global owner and distributor of the world’s leading automated technology for mattress recycling, which has built Australia’s first automated deconstruction facility in Melbourne.

Soft Landing is Australia’s leading mattress recycling social enterprise, having worked with councils, retailers and manufacturers across NSW, ACT and WA to divert mattresses from landfill over eight years.

The partnership ensures Soft Landing can continue to provide work for people experiencing disadvantage in Western Sydney, while Sydney customers can access the latest technology to address growing volumes.

TIC, with NSW Government funding, is now working to build an automated facility in western Sydney, where Soft Landing will co-locate to continue disassembling and processing hard-to-manage mattresses and bed bases.

“TIC is committed to working with worlds best technology, and combined with a social enterprise like Soft Landing we present a powerful team,” said TIC Mattress Recycling Managing Director Michael Warren. “This partnership can deliver the best of both worlds to Australia.”

Bill Dibley, Soft Landing National Operations Manager, said his team were excited about the partnership.

“We bring a great deal of expertise around deconstruction and processing, with loyal customers and a commitment to the best social and environmental outcomes for each waste stream,” he said. “This partnership will maximise processing in high density cities, and create new jobs for Soft Landing staff in Melbourne.”

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