TOMRA partners with SKM Recycling

TOMRA partners with SKM Recycling

Melbourne-based company SKM Recycling has selected TOMRA Sorting Recycling to supply its 3D laser technology for three new sorting facilities.

The 40 AUTOSORT units will be used across the three plants to process more than 350,000 tonnes of kerbside collected material per annum.

The primary focus of the new SKM Recycling plants will be to process paper, plastics, metals and glass and sort them into high quality products. The plants are expected to be operational in the beginning of 2018.

SKM’s Laverton plant aims to become the most automated recyclables processing plant on the continent by integrating multiple steps of TOMRA Sorting technology into the sorting of paper and other recyclables.

The new sorting technology is also working to extract a greater percentage of recyclable product from the residential recycling stream, facilitate the development of new recyclable grades to meet the demands of a changing market and reduce waste to landfill.

“Our confidence in their (TOMRA) technical knowledge and support is unwavering and is backed by TOMRA’s guarantee to perform. We are proud to be developing the most advanced materials recovery facilities in Australia,” said Robert Italiano, Business Manager of SKM.

Tom Jansen, Sales Manager at TOMRA Sorting Recycling, added that winning such a large contract means SKM Recycling have placed a lot of trust in the company and its newest technology.