Toowoomba proposes joint procurement waste contract

Queensland’s Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) is investigating cost savings that could be achieved by moving to a new procurement approach for its next waste collection service contract.

On 13 October, TRC’s Water and Waste Committee recommended that council enter into a joint procurement for waste and recyclables collection services with Western Downs Regional Council (WDRC).

TRC Water and Waste Committee portfolio leader Nancy Sommerfield said the proposed joint approach for securing new waste and recyclables collection services offered a range of benefits to both councils and ratepayers.

TRC’s current waste and recyclables collection and bulk haul and processing of recyclables service contract will expire June 30, 2023. The WDRC contract is due to expire in late 2022.

“The respective contract expiry dates offered a chance to explore a joint procurement process that delivers separate contracts to each council,” Sommerfield said.

“Waste management contracts are among council’s largest and longest contractual agreements, so I welcome the chance to take advantage of a new business model.”

Sommerfield explained that the joint procurement approach has been successfully adopted by several other local government groups across Queensland.

“Apart from improving procurement efficiency, there are potential cost savings that can be achieved through economies of scale, where a single contractor has the chance to secure multiple contracts,” she said.

“There will be further benefits from establishing a collaborative relationship with WDRC, in anticipation of developing our operations to cater for any future waste management opportunities.”

According to TRC Water and Waste Committee chair Rebecca Vonhoff, the committee recommendation has the potential to improve council’s operational efficiency.

Vonhoff added that council is working to refine practices that would improve service delivery for residents, while also meeting legislative and environmental requirements.

The committee recommendation will be considered for adoption at next week’s Ordinary Meeting of Council.

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