Town of Bassendean rolls out new three-bin recycling system

Town of Bassendean rolls out new three-bin recycling system

Town of Bassendean residents in Western Australia will soon be able to recycle FOGO, as the town transitions to a better practice, three-bin collection service.

According to Environment Minister Stephen Dawson, Bassendean is the first metro council north of the river to make the transition, with support from the state government’s Better Bins Program.

Bassendean signed up to the program in July 2018 and by June 30, 2021, the town will have received a total of $232,500 in grants through the program – $30 per household.

“It’s fantastic to see Bassendean starting the rollout of this new FOGO service to all 7300 households, and I hope more local governments will see the benefits and soon follow suit,” Dawson said.

Bassendean’s FOGO system is a joint project between the Town of Bassendean, the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council and the state government through the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Account, administered by the Waste Authority.

In addition to new FOGO bins, Bassendean residents will receive a new kitchen caddy for materials such as tea bags, coffee grounds, paper towels, tissues, dairy, bakery, grain, eggshells, meat scraps, apple cores and banana peels.

“Food and other organic waste make up around two thirds of what goes into your red bin in Western Australia,” Dawson said.

He added that kerbside services that collect food waste can achieve recovery rates of around 65 per cent.

“By recovering food waste we can stop it ending up in landfill, which has significant impacts on the environment and human health through greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, loss of biodiversity and resource depletion,” Dawson said.

In May, the state government committed $20 million to support local governments transition to three-bin FOGO services through the Better Bins Plus: Go FOGO program.

Local governments that have already accessed Better Bins funding of $30 per household can apply for Better Bins Plus: Go FOGO funding of up to an additional $15 per household.

“With the money offered through the Better Bins Plus: Go FOGO program – which is accessible to all local governments across the state – all councils can help their residents play a role in recovering value from their waste,” Dawson said.

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