Tutt Bryant, Metso crushing C&D waste targets

In the evolving construction and demolition (C&D) industry landscape, efficiency and sustainability are not just buzzwords – they’re bottom-line imperatives. This is where C&D waste screeners and crushers come into play. By turning what was once destined for landfills into valuable recycled materials, these machines are revolutionising how the industry handles C&D waste.

Paul Doran is Tutt Bryant’s Business Development Manager. He has been in the C&D industry for 10 years.

“We’ve been the distributor of Metso crushing and screening equipment since 2012,” Paul says. “Metso is a global leader in high-quality crushers and screeners. We do not just distribute their equipment to the waste industry but also have buyers from the mining and aggregate space.”

According to Paul, the concrete recycling industry has been the biggest growth buyer over the past five years. As such, Tutt Bryant sells solutions that include support, parts, service, and other essential aspects of after-sales service.

C&D waste is seen as a nuisance stream for many people and companies. However, Tutt Bryant and Metso understand that refreshing and renewing this into a recyclable, reusable product for road bases and the like is essential.

Paul is convinced that dealing with these waste streams in this manner can help create a circular economy within the waste industry.

“There are a lot of large organisations across Australia with very large crushing and screening facilities,” Paul says. “They take in C&D waste at their site, and turn it into a road-base or aggregate product to sell to the open market.”

He says Metso machines stand out in several ways, but design is the main differentiator.

The concrete recycling industry has been the biggest buyer of crushing and screening equipment over the past five years. Image: Tutt Bryant

“Metso machines tend to be more robust and have a longer lifespan. We have many Metso crushers and screeners that have tens of thousands of hours of operation so far – some have more than 50,000 hours of operation – and they will continue working for years.”

Tutt Bryant believes each machine is designed and engineered to handle the hard knocks. Metso’s dedicated materials and minerals processing teams have combined more than four decades of experience in engineering and product enhancement across the entire range. Specialists can design a solution to meet any customer’s requirements, resulting in customers achieving optimal performance when it comes to agile, mobile materials and minerals processing.

“We want to ensure that when the customer invests in a machine, it has a long service life,” Paul says. “This ensures that they get the maximum benefit from their investment. 

“Metso has also developed a digital fleet management system called Metso Metrics. It allows users to access all the data within their fleet of Metso products. It can be used through one portal, enabling operators to plan and record maintenance tasks.”

Metso fleet owners can monitor their fleet’s performance from anywhere on the planet. The incorporation of an intelligent controller remote (ICR) allows excavator operators to change the crushers and screeners.

“Operators can leave the operators on the machines while making changes on the go. There is no need to get out of the machine, as the supervisor can pause the feeder, make changes, and then get the operation going again.”

Another benefit is that it caters for the installation of weight scales on different belts while monitoring them all from one place.

“Metso is investing heavily in research and development to make the digitisation of the machines easier for its customers,” says Paul. “It allows users to make informed decisions on what machines to run at specific times – all designed to help companies become more profitable.”

Paul says the futures of Metso and Tutt Bryant are intertwined, mainly through the expansion of products available to customers. Metso will soon provide a diesel-electric range of crushers and screeners that will increase the flexibility of waste management facilities and make companies more efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective.

“That will increase revenue for our customers and make them more profitable,” Paul says. 

“Our teams are working closely with our customers so we can respond to any issues. Integrating Metso and Tutt Bryant can only be good news for our customer base.” 

For more information, visit www.tuttbryant.com.au

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