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TWS introduces Greenline Engineered Recycling Solutions

At a recent webinar, Terex Washing System (TWS) introduced its latest offering for the waste and resource recovery sector – Greenline Engineered Recycling Solutions.

The Greenline system is designed to lower barriers to entry into the wash recycling processing market, through the provision of an end-to-end suite of washing equipment offerings targeted at the aggregates recycling sector.

The new product range comprises standard equipment and specialised recycling systems, which are packaged together in a pre-determined and balanced system based on TWS’ long running applications experience.

The range combines TWS’ wet processing products, AquaClear water management solutions and Terex Crushing technologies to facilitate full system delivery from a single OEM.

At the webinar, TWS’ panel of experts demonstrated how Greenline systems can add value to businesses and improve their bottom line.

The panel also walked participants through TWS’ AquaClear Water Management Solutions and facilitated an animated walk-through of the upgraded Aggresand 206 Greenline.

The Greenline system, coupled with TWS’ expertise, provides a fixed solution for various materials from 60 tonnes per hour right through to 300 tonnes per hour, in an out-of-the-box approach.

Greenline solutions can be easily tailored for specialist applications, demystifying the seemingly complex world of wash recycling.

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