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UniSort technology improves resource recovery

The Steinert UniSort Film machine
Steinert is helping councils and private recycling firms obtain value from resource recovery with its UniSort range.

UniSort equipment is specifically designed for the waste and recycling industry. These machines detect plastics with grain sizes up to 4mm and recover valuable resources for recycling. The system efficiently separates individual plastics found in packaging waste, mixed plastics from electronic scrap and low-PVC refuse derived fuels from residual waste fraction.

The latest model in the manufacturer’s UniSort series – UniSort Film – was designed to deal with the challenges presented by sorting out film in the resource recovery process. It also responds to the increasing demands for good performance alongside heavy volume capacities in sensor-based sorting technology.

The UniSort Film incorporates state-of-the-art Active Object Control-System (AOC) technology, which was developed originally for fine-product sorting on the UniSort Flake range for larger particle sizes.

The sorting of buoyant flat objects is dependent on the nature of how the material being sorted moves to allow detection and ejection, which in turn has a large affect on purity and efficiency.

AOC is a stabilisation system catering for defined motion paths and controlling the material sorted. As a results, clients see a distinct improvement in quality of the final product. Stable motion of the objects, even at double conveying speed, results in higher throughput rates while maintaining system efficiency.

As per all the near-infrared (NIR) systems in the UniSort range, the UniSort Film system is equipped with ultra-modern HSI (Hyper Spectral Imaging) camera technology, which ensures a superior degree of flexibility and future sustainability.

As plastic film is a lightweight material that take up a lot of space occupancy, there are difficulties associated with sorting it on standard sorting machines, such as slower conveyor speeds.

The Steinert-engineered AOC system, used within the UniSort Film, enables higher throughput rates combined with mproved sorting quality. UniSort Film is suitable for sorting all typical air buoyant objects, such as paper and agricultural film.

More information on the full UniSort range is available on the Steinert website.

The Steinert UniSort Film in action

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