Unleashing durability in waste and recycling equipment solutions


Waste management and recycling are an integral aspect to today’s society. From collection and disposal constraints, to lack of technological advances, the nature of effective waste and recycling disposal can be met with varying challenges.

A widespread issue in this sector continues to be equipment failure due to excessive loads in the transportation of waste and recycling.

Wrapflex – Elastomer Couplings

Regal Rexnord’s Falk Wrapflex Elastomeric Couplings act as a solution in providing adequate load protection for equipment that is consistently put under heavy load constraints. These couplings are non-lubricated and flexible and come in a variety of different applications.

Increased productivity 

  • The couplings provide increased productivity through quick and easy installation – reducing the downtime between replacements.
  • Nine different close-coupled coupling designs are available, catering to different industrial needs.
  • Wrapflex couplings have a capacity of up to 133,000lb-in (15,028Nm) and cater to 7¼ inch (188mm) shaft and torque loads .


  • The innovative materials used to create the couplings offer higher capacity ratings at a competitive price, making it an affordable choice for individuals or businesses wanting superior connectivity without the price tag.

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