Upcoming National Recycling Week celebrating its 25th anniversary

National Recycling Week celebrates its 25th anniversary

Established by Planet Ark in 1996, National Recycling Week provides an opportunity for councils, workplaces, schools and individuals to improve their recycling habits and knowledge.

This year the annual program will celebrate its 25th anniversary and is encouraging participates to celebrate the week in their own unique way.

National Recycling Week’s website features resources to educate and encourage recycling at home, work, school and councils.

These include guidance on implementing recycling programs, establishing recycling competitions and more.

All resources are free and designed to help viewers to share how to recycle right, reduce waste and contamination and keep materials out of landfill.

Planet Ark will also be running Schools Recycle Right Challenge runs from 4 October until 12 November, which will feature recycling themed activities, event ideas and lesson plans which have been specifically designed for Australian schools.

For more information on National Recycling Week, make sure to click here.


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