Valuable proposition: Transport & Waste Solutions Australia

Valuable proposition: Transport & Waste Solutions Australia

Transport & Waste Solutions Australia’s National Measurement Institute certified systems are supporting a push towards increased safety in the waste collection industry.

As a leading supplier of weighing systems and software, Transport & Waste Solutions Australia (TWSA) has seen increased demand for its services in the wake of new Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws. 

Since going live on 1 October, the new CoR laws has added an extra layer of accountability and safety to waste collection. Under the CoR, if you are named as a party in the chain of responsibility, and you exercise or are capable of exercising control or influence over any transport task, you have a responsibility to ensure you comply with the law. 

By being able to provide accurate weights on their loads, TWSA’s systems and software have supported the shift to CoR in mitigating safety risks. 

According to TWSA, the company is able to retrofit most popular trucks and weighing equipment for National Measurement Institute (NMI) certified class three and four weighing for rear-end compactors and front-end loaders. With more than 30 years of experience in waste equipment and repairing of a variety of makes and models, the company offers a range of services, including hydraulic repair, service and a total after-market solution.

Craig Lovell, Operations Manager at REMONDIS Australia (Taren Point), says that to improve the safety and accuracy of its vehicles, the company’s entire fleet was installed with weighing systems from TWSA. 

The Taren Point facility is now equipped with four rear lifters with Green REL Bin weighing systems offered by TWSA. A further five front loaders have Green FEL systems. Both loaders and lifters are NMI-certified.

Craig says that the systems were first tested and installed on one truck around five years ago prior to being installed on all REMONDIS Australia (Taren Point) trucks. 

He says the ability to read accurate weights allows the company to improve its productivity and assess its runs and change them as needed. Knowing accurate weights is also key to improving safety and ensuring drivers are not travelling overloaded, he adds.

“The systems also assist with charging customers that have heavier bins. We can provide better rates for those with lighter bins,” he says.

According to Transport Waste & Solutions, the Green REL Bin weigh system (rear end loader) uses robust Class III Certified Mloadcells that have 400 per cent overload protection. The systems can be tailored to exact requirements and are ideal for collecting and recording net and gross weights, highlighting excessive loads and recycling and incentive schemes.

The Green 3000 FEL aims to work in the toughest of conditions. The front loader loadcells are mounted between the forks and the hook and have accuracy of 0.03 kilograms right up to 3500 kilograms. Onboard computers, RFID, printer, collection software, GPS tracking and fleet management are also available.

In other areas of weighing, Griffith City Council in NSW equipped itself with TWSA’s Axtec OnBoard for axle weights to align with CoR laws. The Axtec OnBoard provides individual axle and gross vehicle weights for most vehicle types from 3.5 tonnes through to 26 and 32-tonne rigids for maximum weight artics and offers customer set-up and fit option, GPS connection, overload control, automatic downloads, automatic trailer detection and optional facilities.