Veolia and Sydney Markets sign five-year contract extension

Veolia Australia and New Zealand will continue providing waste management and recycling services to Sydney Markets until 2025, under a five-year contract extension signed in late October.

Sydney Markets, which feeds over seven million Australians each day, distributing an estimated 2,500,000 tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables annually, has partnered with Veolia since 2005 to help achieve its ambitious sustainability goals.

According to Sydney Markets CEO Brad Latham, environmental sustainability is a key component of the company’s strategic vision.

“Our company is saving more than $1 million a year through our waste and environment program and we are now recycling upwards of 70 per cent of all waste onsite,” he said.

“We have developed a strong partnership with Veolia over the years and look forward to continued success in the future.”

Fundamental to the contract extension has been a collaborative approach to continuous improvement and optimisation of organics recovery and recycling.

This includes a new cardboard recycling program and strategy, which increased recycling by 18 per cent in the first month of the contract.

This adds to specific waste stream recovery projects and solutions for food organics – approximately 50 per cent of waste produced, plastics, polystyrene, paper, timber, concrete and steel.

Veolia Australia and New Zealand CEO Richard Kirkman said Veolia will continue to innovate and drive new value for Sydney Markets and its customers.

“Our relationship with Sydney Markets demonstrates what’s possible when we reimagine waste as a resource, creating beneficial energy, creating organic compost and reducing waste to landfill through reuse and recycling,” he said.

“We continue to thank Sydney Markets for their trust in Veolia.”

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