VIC council joins FOGO collection drive

A householder disposing of food and garden organics FOGO waste
A new service to collect food and garden organics (FOGO) waste from more than 40,000 Bendigo households started this week.

By commencing fortnightly FOGO collections to its residents on 5 September, City of Greater Bendigo joined nine other regional and rural councils the Victoria Government has helped to introduce new or expanded kerbside collection services for organic waste, which now reach around 140,000 Victorian households.

The council committed to introduce a new organics collection service as part of its new Waste & Resource Management Strategy in an effort to divert organic material from landfill. Households in urban Bendigo and Marong are the first to receive the new organics waste collection service. The service is then expected to be extended to other parts of Greater Bendigo in the future.

City of Greater Bendigo Waste Services Manager Natasza Purser said: “The introduction of the new organics service is the biggest change to waste management services in Greater Bendigo since recycling bins were introduced some 30 years ago.”

By separating out organic waste through a new organic waste service the City will not only extend the life of local landfills but will also reduce the City’s current and future financial and environmental liabilities that must be paid to the State Government in the form of a levy on every tonne of waste that we put into our landfills.

The Victorian Government, through Sustainability Victoria, gave the council $500,000 to implement the program and buy the necessary bin infrastructure. Residents can dispose of all cooked and uncooked food scraps, such as vegetable peelings, teabags, coffee grounds, paper towel and tissues, fish, cooked foods, bones, meat and garden waste in the new organics bin.

The plan is for a quarter of country Victorians to have access to organic kerbside collection services by the end of this year.

Speaking at the launch of City of Bendigo’s new service, Victoria’s Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio said it would help divert more than 12,000 tonnes of FOGO waste from landfill each year.

“The Government is reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the TAKE2 Pledge Program,” she said. “This program is one step towards helping us to achieve the net zero emissions reduction target by 2050.”

More details on City of Bendigo’s FOGO kerbside collection service, its communication with residents and its additional waste services are on its website.

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