VIC EPA approves expanded Alcoa Point Henry landfill

EPA Victoria has issued a Works Approval for two new landfill cells to accept waste from the decommissioning and remediation of Alcoa’s Point Henry premises.

Alcoa operated an aluminium smelter and rolling mill at the site for 51 years between 1963 and 2014, when the final operation of the rolling mill ceased.

Alcoa has commenced physical decommissioning, environmental remediation, and long term planning for future use of the site.

As part of the decommissioning and remediation, Alcoa proposes to construct containment cells, as part of an overall strategy that reduces the number of landfills on the site from three to two.

The Works Approval allows the construction of two new cells at the Moolap landfill, but limits them to only accepting waste generated at the Point Henry premises.

“The cells are designed to contain industrial wastes including dross dust, soil, sediment, clay, coke, salt pond residue, carbon spent anodes, concrete and pavers from the decommissioned plant, and the contents of the existing CPL landfill on the Point Henry premises,” an EPA Victoria statement reads.

“The two new cells at the Moolap landfill will be above ground and contain 90,000 cubic metres of waste. They are expected to be filled, capped and rehabilitated by mid-2022.”

Under the Works Approval, the EPA also requires the project to include an independant environmental audit of the site, lining of the cells, environmental monitoring, with reporting to the EPA and plans for prevention and control of fire, litter and weeds.

Along with the Works Approval, the proposal will also require planning permission from the City of Greater Geelong Council and an EPA licence before the landfill can begin operation.

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