VIC Greens call for 23 new recycling facilities by 2025

The Victorian Greens is calling on the the state government to invest in 23 new or expanded recycling facilities by 2025 to meet the state’s needs and ensure high recycling rates.

According to Victorian Green Acting Leader Ellen Sandell, the initiative would form part of a Green New Deal for Victoria and help the state adopt a world class recycling system.

“Over the next five years, exporting recycled materials will be banned, leaving Victoria with two options: to process our waste locally, or dump it in landfill,” she said.

Sandell added that Infrastructure Victoria has calculated that by 2025, Victoria will have significant shortfalls in plastics, food waste and paper and cardboard recycling processing.

“Unless our government swiftly invests in a local recycling system, we’re going to see more than 800,000 tonnes of recycling and organics left with nowhere to go but landfill,” Sandell said.

“We want to see 23 new or expanded factories by 2025 address this shortfall, create hundreds of much-needed jobs and protect our precious environment.”

As part of their Green New Deal for Victoria, the Greens also want to see a ban on polystyrene and other single-use plastics, a requirement that all councils use recycled materials first in infrastructure projects and grants provided to small businesses so they can find new ways to use recycled materials.

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